An Easy Guide To Testing Your Home For Lead Water Pipes

Follow this simple step-by-step guide to determine if your homes water pipes are made of lead.

Lead is well known to present dangers to children. While people often think of lead paint, you should also make sure that your water pipes aren’t introducing lead into your drinking water.

NPR’s Find Lead In Your Home tool easily explains what to look for and how to identify lead pipes. By answering a series of questions about your water meter and connecting pipes, they can help you determine what material your water pipes are made of. If you find that you do have lead pipes, they have a list of recommendations you should follow. Additionally, you can opt to submit your location so they can build a map of where lead pipes are located. Again, the tool is located here.

When we moved into an old house (early 1900’s) we tested a few samples including the water using a home test (available for surfaces or water). NPR notes that home water tests could be inaccurate if lead is only periodically leaching into the water. So check your pipes to be safe!

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